5 Safety Tips for College Campuses

Crime is an unfortunate byproduct of our time. Everybody encounters it in some way, shape, or form. Though experiencing some form of crime is inevitable , there are helpful habits that you can adopt today to minimize your exposure to nefarious elements.

Avoid Walking Alone At Night

No matter how safe you think a city is you should strongly avoid walking alone after dark. Minimize your risk by staying in a group and using the buddy system. Have your friends escort you when possible (and do the same for them).

If however no one’s available then consider using your campus escort service for a safe ride home. In the case of University of Oregon the number is 541-346-2919.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Don’t walk around with headphones on or with your attention focused solely on your phone. By not paying attention to your surroundings you may find yourself the target to some unscrupulous characters or an inattentive driver.

Awareness also means being cognizant of your location Avoiding visiting areas you’re unfamiliar with at night and use a map app to know where you’re heading by day.

Keep Your Doors Locked

It doesn’t matter if it’s the door to your apartment, your car, or your dorm room – keep it locked! Thought it won’t always stop an intruder it will certainly make their job much more difficult.

Of course, all the locks in the world count for very little if you open them. Be conscientious of who you’re allowing into your apartment. If you don’t know them don’t let them in.

Save Your Campus Security Number

First and foremost, in case of an emergency the number you should dial is 911.

In non-emergency situations you can call your campus security office. If you’re a University of Oregon student the non-emergency number to save is 541-346-2919. If you’re on campus then dial 6-2919.

Know Where Campus Emergency Systems Are

University campuses utilize emergency help systems known as e-boxes/callboxes to request immediate assistance. Familiarize yourself with the locations of these systems and use them should a situation arise. For your convenience please find attached a map of Emergency Phone Locations.


If all else fails you can always try learning self defense. Be safe out there!

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photo credit: Light in a dark alley. via photopin (license)