Biking is the Way to Go in Eugene, Oregon

A strong cycling culture and history combined with an extensive network of bike paths and scenic bikeways has given Eugene, Oregon a very “bike friendly” reputation. In fact, Bicycling Magazine mentioned Eugene in their list of “The Best Cycling Cities.” Bike Magazine listed Eugene as one of their “5 Best Mountain Biking Towns.”

With hundreds of miles of dedicated bicycle lanes and paths in our area, (including four bicycle bridges) residents are able to get around easily by bike any time of the year. Did you know that Eugene has more bridges for bicycles than for cars? And if you can’t ride the entire way to your destination, Eugene – Springfield’s public transit system is bike-friendly.

Eugene’s growing bicycle network includes:

  • 42 miles of shared-use paths,
  • 81 miles of on-street bicycle lanes,
  • 35 miles of signed bikeways, and
  • 5 bicycle/pedestrian bridges spanning the Willamette River
  • 2 bicycle/pedestrian bridges spanning major roads or highways


The benefits of bicycling are endless, not only is it healthy exercise, it is an affordable and sustainable transportation option. Cycling can be a great way to unwind too, within a half hour’s ride from Eugene, cyclist’s encounter vineyard covered hills reminiscent of France and flat stretches of scenic byways resembling Holland.

In Oregon, bicycles are subject to laws just like motorized vehicles. Please ride with the direction of traffic, use appropriate signals and obey traffic lights. Remember that bicycle riders under 16 are required to wear a helmet.  Here are some additional cycling resources for you to know about:


photo credit: W.D. Vanlue via photopin cc