Eugene On The Cheap – Top Activities and Events That Won’t Break Your Wallet


Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have a good time? Eugene is full of fantastic activities and events that don’t require you to break the bank in order to enjoy yourself. The next time you’re bored and looking for something to do why not consider some of these options? Your wallet will thank you!


Museum of Natural and Cultural History
The Museum of Natural and Cultural history is an incomparable look into Oregon’s distant past, a good 300 million years of history in the making.

Oregon Air and Space Museum
The Oregon Air and Space Museum offers a collection of various aircrafts and artifacts chronicling the history of air and space travel.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
From photography to sculpture to painting to manuscripts you can find it all at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Parks and Hikes

Hendricks Park
This park is ideal for anyone with an interest in hiking, bird watching, picnicking, or simply looking to relax in nature.

Alton Baker Park
Walking your dog, fishing, BMX, exercise stations, and disc golf are just a few of the options available to you at Alton Baker Park.

Skinner’s Butte Park
The Columns of Skinner’s Butte offer a 50′ high rock wall that climbers can scale.It’s also a pretty fantastic spot for a picnic or to ride your bike.

Owen Rose Garden
The Owen Rose Garden organizes year-round Thursday work sessions where you can help manage these beautiful parks and get on some hands on experience in pruning, planting, and general rose care.

Amazon Park
Amazon Park offers tennis courts, soccer fields, a skate-park, baseball diamonds, ball fields, a community garden, picnic tables, recreation centers, bike paths, a dog park, and exercise stations.

Spencer’s Butte
Spencer’s Butte is a favorite destination for students, couples, even families to recharge and reconnect with nature.

Essential Tips for Cyclists in Eugene, Oregon

Biking in Eugene OregonIf you’re a U of O student, which many of our tenants are, chances are you will rely on bicycling for some (if not all) of your transportation needs.  The good news is you’re in the right town. Eugene, Oregon is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country!

Did you know we rank 7th on the list of Top 20 Cities with the Highest Share of Bicyclists in the country? It’s safe to say that if you’re reading this then you’re probably a proud cyclist yourself. But whether you’re a long-time cyclist or new to the scene there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure a long, positive bike ownership.


In case of theft, registration of your bike can be the difference between recovering your bike or not.  If you’re a student of the University of Oregon, bike registration is required by the Department of Parking and Transportation for all bikes on campus. But the best part? It’s free!

Here are some simple steps to register your bike:

  1. Fill out the form on’s Bike Registration page. If you’re a University of Oregon student you can also register through
  1. If you apply through’s page, a registration decal will be sent to you once your application is processed. If you’re registering through the University of Oregon then you can pick your decal through the Department of Parking and Transportation.


Always Wear a Helmet – Protect your head!

Wear Reflective Clothing – Bright colors will keep you visible during the day, and reflective colors will increase your visibility at night.

Obey The Laws of The Road – As a biker you follow the same rules of the road that cars do. Always obey traffic signs and signals.

Ride On The Right – Ride on the right side of the road and follow the flow of traffic.

Keep The Lights On – Bikes are required by Oregon law to have lights and reflectors both on the front and back.

Take Those Buds Out – Avoid wearing ear buds or headphones to keep your hearing free for traffic.


  • We advise investing in a reliable U-Lock of at least $50, as cheaper locks are easier to bypass.
  • Always lock your bike when you’re not using it, even if you are only away from it briefly.
  • Be aware that no lock is foolproof. A determined thief will be able to break one given enough time. Avoid leaving your bike locked outdoors overnight and keep it indoors or in your garage whenever possible.


File a police report. Fill out a police report via their online form.

Register your bike as stolen at By providing this information bike shops, pawns shops, and others, We Bike Eugene increases the possibilities of your bike being recognized and reported. It’s a free community driven service that anyone can use.


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