Review of Von Klein Property Management

We hear a lot of good things from our tenants and we read some bad ones on line. Here is a review in Yelp that had been filtered out. It is the real deal. Written by Kerry Plain on 3/20/2012.

Thank you Kerry!

“We had an absolutely phenominal experience with Von Klein Property Management and everyone associated with them… and under unusual circumstances!  My son transferred to school the day before it started in September of 2011. We drove from Northern California with a fully loaded car and no place for him to live.  We found Hilliard House, and Bryan, and moved in within 3 hours of our arrival – into a beautifully maintained property with a resonably priced unit for him.  I felt 100% comfortable leaving him in a great location and with great people!  While we had signed a 1 year lease,  for medical reasons, my son had to return home after 4 months and Bryan and Von Klein did everything they could to re-rent his unit so that they could let us out of our lease, which they were able to do within 2 months of his departure.  We could not have asked for more co-operation, understanding and help from anyone.  They even were kind enough to send us the  remaining clothes he had left in the dryer!   It is  very reassuring to happen upon such professional, caring people and I would recommend them without hesitation! “

Von Klein Property Management Review

We would like to thank Jay for taking his time to write this review and even though Yelp decided to hide it,  we felt it should be out there.

6/7/2011 Jay H.

“I had a fairly pleasant time renting from this company. Rented from them for 2 years, and didnt have any problems with them. My on-site managers were very nice and considerate. Long as you pay your rent on time and dont complain every 5 minutes, from my experience, you’ll be fine. I rented from a few other companies that deal with on campus rentals and I think they were sub par compared to Von Klein.”