Tips And Answers to Your Questions About Subleasing

Questions about subleases

We understand that life happens. For many number of reasons, you may find yourself in a situation where it’s necessary to take some time off and find a responsible person to take over your lease.

Whether you are taking a semester abroad, or taking an unexpected leave of absence, you must take steps to have successful subletting experience. Here are some tips and answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I sublet my apartment with Von Klein Property Management Company?

Certainly! However, you need to come into our office at 1301 Ferry St. and fill out a sublet form.

Do you keep a list of residents who are trying to sublet their apartment and share that with interested prospects that call in?

Yes and we inform possible tenants when they come into the office. We also keep a sublease listing to share.

Do you have any recommendations for places I can post my sublet?

Craigs list and school boards seems to get the most activity. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great place find the ideal subletter. Ask the people in your networks for referrals.
Here are some other places to search and post ads

University Housing, 541-346-4277
Oregon Daily Emerald, 541-346-3712
The Register Guard, 541-388-2309
The Eugene Weekly, 541-484-0519
Eugene Craigslist

Do you have any other tips about finding a sublet?

Incentives are always good. Like first month’s rent free or offer to pay their security deposit.

Am I responsible for giving tours if I find a potential sublet?

If you are still living in the unit, it is up to you to schedule tours. However if the unit is vacant, we can always show or check out keys.

If I find someone interested in subletting my apartment, what do I do next?

Have them fill out an application and bring it to our office. If the office is close, we have a drop slot by our front door.

Are there any sublet fees?


What happens with my security deposit?

Once the new contract is signed and you have turned in keys, you give us a forwarding address to send your security deposit to.

If the person subletting my apartment does not pay rent or damages on the apartment, how will that affect me?

It doesn’t. They sign a new contract and you and your cosigner are off the hook

Any other words of advice?

Start early! As soon as you know that you will need to sublet your apartment, contact our office to give us your dates of departure and start your search.

Be Considerate of Your Roommate!

If you have a roommate that will live with the new renter, include them in the search process. This will help ensure that the roommate is comfortable with the new arrangement. And besides, if the tables were turned, wouldn’t you want to give input regarding who lives with you?

Keep in mind there is a difference between subletting and switching room mates. If you have questions regarding changing room mates, please call the office at (541) 485-7776 for further information about this, or any other questions you have.

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