7 Simple Storage Ideas for Your Rental Property

Photo Source: WikiMedia Commons Craig Conley

Finding new ways to make the most of your apartment storage is key to making a rental feel like home.

Unfortunately, finding ample storage can be a challenge for some tenants (depending on the amount of stuff you own). However, with a little creativity (and some inspiration from Pinterest), it is possible to implement simple storage solutions that will transform your living space.

Here are 7 storage ideas we found on Better Homes and Gardens that could help:

1. Hang a skirt around an open sink, using adhesive-backed hook-and-loop tape to hide plumbing. Hide baskets or a low shelving unit of bathroom essentials behind the skirt.

2. Place an open metal shelving unit (like what you would find in an industrial kitchen) with decorative baskets to keep kitchen staples organized.

3. Make your coffee table double as a handy storage container by using a decorative trunk with a flat surface large.

4. Create your own “entryway” by placing a large multi-functional bookcase near your apartment entry. Add hooks to hold jackets, umbrellas, book bags, etc. Decorative baskets on bottom shelves can serve as shoe containers or other out-the-door essentials like hats and sunglasses. Add a memo bar from an office supply store to the top of the bookcase as a place to organize mail and reminders.

5. Wanna fake a vintage built-in bookshelf? Flank a doorway with identical bookcases that reach almost to the ceiling and install moldings around the tops of the shelves. As a style bonus, paint the bookcase before installation, or line the backs with pretty paper.

6. Employ laundry hampers for more than just dirty clothes. Use them around your apartment for stashing umbrellas and hats, extra linens, or kids’ toys.

7. Hang a grid of favorite pictures or prints inside frames with large mats. The bigger mats will provide much-needed white space for an active display. Onlookers will be able to take in each photo, which makes for an effective display.

Article Source: www.bhg.com